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Welcome to The Indigo Collective. We are a distinctive and magical gathering place dedicated to providing you – the spiritual seeker – with comprehensive support along the path to awareness, fulfillment, and enlightenment. Whether through our metaphysical supply store, located in Pasadena California, or our online community, we will bestow upon you essential guidance, knowledge, and resources as you embark on your inimitable journey.

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The Indigo


The color indigo is a distinctive and mystical color. For thousands of years, it has held spiritual associations that span numerous cultures, religions and ideologies. It is said to correlate with the activation of the third eye and is the color of intuition and perception. This divine shade exists between two hues on the color wheel: blue and violet.

Just as the color indigo exists between two places on the color wheel, The Indigo Collective also exists between two places: the physical and the spiritual world. On the metaphysical plane, individuals journeying toward enlightenment are inherently members of the Indigo Collective. In the physical realm, The Indigo Collective Spiritual Center and Metaphysical Store is a mystical gathering place, existing solely to support members of the collective with vital resources as they journey towards self-discovery and intrapersonal fulfillment.

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Nestled near the mystical San Gabriel Mountains in the San Gabriel Valley, and just 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, we are one of the largest spiritual centers and metaphysical supply stores in the area. We have assembled some of the most gifted psychics, mediums, reiki healers, and teachers in the world to help guide you on your journey. We also offer classes and workshops, as well as an expansive selection of high-vibrating crystals, mystical candles, quality jewelry, books, incense, and more. Visit us online or in person to experience all we have to offer; it is an honor to assist you as you progress on your path.

After The Indigo Collective Spiritual Center and Metaphysical Supply Store was manifested into existence, the peacock was revealed as its spirit animal. Throughout history, this spellbinding creature has been an important symbol for many religions and cultures. It personifies positive transformation, while embodying a regal grace and sense of dignity.

The peacock is a valuable ally. Alongside you, it will journey, endowing you with the conviction to be bold and dream big. It serves as a reminder of your power to achieve your deepest desires. Be your authentic self and move forward with love and confidence.


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Our beautiful sanctuary in Pasadena, CA.

Due to the uncharted nature of the present times, we have been challenged to join together for our special, and otherwise regularly scheduled, workshops and events. But we are learning to help manage the safety of our community members, while also preserving the invaluable and powerful experience of gathering as a collective. Please stay safe and view our Schedule of Events to learn more about our current programming.

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The Astral Path

September, 2021

by Renowned Astrologer
Toni Scalera

Is it Autumn yet?  We could use a break from the hottest summer ever recorded, but September promises cooler fall weather.  Meantime, in the Heavens, social Venus starts the month in charming Libra, but soon moves into sultry, mysterious Scorpio; Mars goes into Libra for 2 months or so, which is great for negotiating and strategizing.  And then there’s Mercury, spending the month is Libra, turning retrograde on 9/26.  All this Libra, joined by the Sun on 9/23 is truly good for relationships of all kinds, so communicate before these planets move into secretive, often silent Scorpio.  Check your Ascendant and Sun sign.